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The Bay Area’s leading full-service graphic solution and trade show/events display company for over 60 years.

Our History

There’s a reason Studio Blue has been the Bay Area’s leading full-service graphic solution and trade show/events display company for over 60 years. That old adage, “Perseverance and honest, hard work will one day be rewarded with success,” has become our reality.

Studio Blue is a dream come true for Don and Marilyn Morrison. What started out as a photographic studio in a two-room apartment has now become a very successful business. Don and Marilyn began their business in a small space in Walnut Creek in 1954 and grew to a second location in Pleasanton in 1981.

Today, Studio Blue is managed by their daughter, Wendy Betty, and her husband, Greg, and is one of the few successful second generation operations in this industry. Cognizant of the many changes in the industry, Studio Blue has kept up-to-date with advances in technology, moving Studio Blue to the forefront of the graphic solution and trade show/events display business.

Greg and Wendy have continued the tradition of hard work, customer satisfaction, and expanding the services to better meet the needs of their clients. Their focus is on maintaining the level of service they have given in the past and continue to keep abreast of the ever changing reprographics industry.

The following long ago motto of Don & Marilyn still holds true today:

“To rest content with results achieved is the first sign of business decay.”

Our Employees

Studio Blue continues to grow with the many technical advances being made in this industry just as they have done in the past. Our customer base has also grown and become more diverse in the past 60+ years.

As has always been true, prompt and professional service, quality products and fast turn- around time is of utmost importance to our clientele. Competitive pricing has always been of concern to our company but our main goal is, and always has been, to meet the demands of the individuals we serve.

Studio Blue is proud of the dedicated and knowledgeable employees we have who offer full support, direction and assistance. With over 20 employees and managers, we are able to provide the technical services needed in all areas of the graphic solution and trade show/events display business.

Our radio-dispatched delivery team provides our clients with fast, efficient, dependable pickup and delivery service.

Superior equipment, versatility, professional techniques and just plain “good service” are just a few of the characteristics making this a true success story.

Studio Blue did a great and quick job on the vehicle graphics for our Radio Truck giveaway sponsorship. We were very impressed with how they stuck to their quick timeline and delivered all that was promised!

Julie Davis, J Rae Advertising

Our first job with Studio Blue involved wrapping a couple of $100k vehicles in Jaguar print. The technicians finished the cars cleanly and professionally down to the detail, and they have been our auto wrap specialists for several projects since.

Carol Halberstadt, West Advertising, Inc.