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Summer’s here and that means great opportunities to venture out and enjoy places and activities that winter months and school schedules do not allow. Being so close to Tahoe is one of the great amenities people from California enjoy on a regular basis.

On June 2, 2016, the Tahoe Maritime Museum officially opened its doors at its new location in Tahoe City off the West Shore. The new location will afford the Museum a campus which will ultimately include a boat shop, gallery building, maritime sculptural gardens, and collection storage facility in addition to the Log Lodge.

Tahoe Maritime Museum has long been a place to showcase Lake Tahoe’s vast maritime history and to invite the public to view that history. Officially founded in 1987, its vision began a decade prior by individuals who wanted to preserve artifacts, gather funding, and build a brick and mortar location.

With an expanding historic collection, the previous site in Homewood, CA, was not equipped to handle the growth, and a new location had to be found. The purchase of the Tahoe Tree Company Property

will create a final home for the Museum, its collection, and the stories of so many that have lived in Tahoe….(and) continue our tradition of providing a fun, family-friendly destination for the Lake Tahoe community and visitors to our beautiful region.

Studio Blue Creates the Graphics for Tahoe Maritime Museum’s Annual Exhibit

Known for its crystal clear waters and beaches that draw crowds of people every year, the Tahoe Maritime Museum is showcasing On the Water: Sport and Leisure at the Lake. The recreational exhibit lasts through 2017 and features boating and other water activities that made Tahoe the popular resort destination it is today.

Studio Blue is proud to produce the graphics for Tahoe’s annual exhibits and to have a solid working relationship with the Tahoe Maritime Museum. It’s relationship such as these that makes Studio Blue proud to be the Tri-Valley’s print and graphic solutions specialist.

With a spectacular display of graphics, every picture tells a story. Pristine, professional graphics put the finishing touches on an already popular destination, giving visitors and Museum employees an extra advantage to the already magnificent collection.

The Importance of a Reliable Partner

Studio Blue has been around since 1954 and has weathered the financial decades of economic slumps and downturns. Unlike many of its competitors, Studio Blue has shown time and time again that it is a trusted source for its customers, it is reliable, prompt, and keeps up with the changing times and needs of its customers.

With so many clients depending on Studio Blue to deliver quality results the first time, Studio Blue has the backbone to handle high spotlight clients. Personal service is still a top priority for Studio Blue, with the ability to talk to someone with professional expertise in person, over the phone, or via email.

Turn to Studio Blue for Your Print and Graphic Solution Needs

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